By any chance, have you already tried going gluten free, dairy free, and you’re still having chronic symptoms?

First of all, dietary changes will radically shift your health. However, there are many instances when patients have tried a gluten free dairy free diet without any results. It is time that we took a deep dive into when gluten-free, dairy-free doesn’t cut it.

Are you suffering from symptoms of chronic constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel?

Do you have skin conditions like eczema and rashes?

Do you have a child with a nervous tummy or anxiety?

Then I strongly recommend you follow a gluten free, dairy free diet.

These conditions are signs that your body has inflammation, and the top inflammatory foods out there are gluten and dairy.

The first reason why going gluten free, dairy free doesn’t cut it is because you’re not going 100%

When most patients say they have tried gluten-free, dairy-free, they tell me what they’ve only cut down. Maybe as little as only having it once a week. Even once a week, a small amount of any inflammatory thing in your body will trigger your immune system. It is the the same as having a whole block of cheese or a whole baguette.

If you’re only doing it 85 to 90%, your immune system still sees that little tiny amount as inflammatory and it will keep your immune system on high alert. This may prevent you from actually getting the results that you could achieve if you had gone all in.

So if you’ve cut down and you actually haven’t gone 100%, you’ve done all the hard work. Now do it 100%!

The second reason why gluten free, dairy free isn’t cutting it is because you haven’t done it for long enough. 

Often when patients present to my office saying they’ve tried a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, they have only done it for a week or two.

This is not long enough because our body and our immune system recognizes the proteins in gluten and dairy, gliadin and casein. When these proteins are inflammatory to our body, our body will see these two proteins as dangerous strangers and create inflammation. Hence, we have these symptoms.

How long does it take? I highly recommend doing a minimum of four weeks. If you have severe chronic conditions, my recommendation is 100 days elimination. This allows your immune system to decrease the antibodies to these two proteins and you will see a radical shift in your health.

The third reason why gluten free, dairy free isn’t cutting it is because there are other factors. 

If you’ve already done a gluten-free, dairy-free diet at 100% and you’ve done it for a minimum of four weeks, there are other factors that may be involved.

A healthy person will have an entirely new intestinal lining in two to three weeks. This means if you’re doing a gut healing protocol for six months or more and you’re still having the chronic symptoms, there’s are other factors. These factors include genetics, the health of the microbiome, environmental toxins, stress, and a whole list of other things that impact the body.

A gluten-free, dairy-free is still the first step, because gluten and dairy are some of the most inflammatory foods known to humans. Stick to it, while still addressing those other factors I spoke about through functional medicine testing. You will see that decreasing the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet will help you heal faster.

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