The busy mom’s guide to feeling your best…

so you can show up 150% for your kids

Create an unwavering support system to start each day with increased energy, shed stubborn pounds, stabilize hormones and kick-start your metabolism to be the Mom you want to be! Join the healthy revolution that is mythbusting modern motherhood.

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This Mythbusting Guide To Motherhood Will Show You How To…


✓ Feel energized to give 100% every day
✓ Build a system of support you can count on
✓ Avoid sleep deprivation & reset circadian rhythm
✓ Properly detoxify to balance mood & hormones
✓ Rejuvenate metabolic function with digestion & nutrition
✓ Become a healthy role model for your loved ones

This Mythbusting Guide To Motherhood Will Show You How To…


✓ Discover the most common saboteurs to your health energy and well being that prevent you for showing up for your k ids and loved ones.
✓ Learn about novel health hacks to boost energy, improve sleep and stay calm and collected
✓ Minimize toxic triggers that vampire your energy, cause unnecessary weight gain and derail your hormones

Dr. Kristina Bosnar, The Doctor Biohacking Supermom

I have always wanted to be a mom. When I graduated Chiropractic school, I opened a women’s health clinic and spent years getting advanced clinical training in both prenatal and pediatric care. This had perfectly prepared me. Or so I thought.

What I’ve learned since is that nothing truly prepares you for the responsibilities of being a mom.

After having 3 children of my own, the overwhelming expectations of modern motherhood brought me to my knees. I found myself exhausted first thing in the morning or with no patience, yelling at my kids daily. After helping hundreds of families through my Chiropractic practice, I couldn’t do anything right in my own family.

Multiple integrative doctors spent years dismissing my worsening symptoms. My lab results were always ‘within normal range’. I intuitively knew, it shouldn’t this way.

Life draining symptoms began to overtake the confidence I had in myself. I battled with my health and helplessly watched my family do the same. I didn’t have the strength to fight for the health of my kids, let alone for my own.

Finally, a Functional Medicine Practitioner changed my life. These foundational skills revived my life and rebuilt the health of my loved ones. In fact, these tools also created an explosion of success in the results I see in my practice.

Now, I’ve created this basic guide as a free gift for you. Be the health change you wish to see in your family. The time is NOW for mythbusting the unfair expectations of modern motherhood.

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