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Mythbusting Motherhood

Rise above the  misconceptions 

This guide to health for moms and their families will help you to ditch the old-school supermom mentality. Unlock up to date Functional Medicine research for a healthier approach to modern day motherhood and most importantly, enjoying your life. Download your FREE E-Guide now! 

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    Millions of people around the world are struggling with chronic symptoms, the warning signs of disease


    Most patients see between 5-8 Doctors before getting answers to their chronic health challenges


    On average, it takes a patient up to 4.5 years to be diagnosed

Finally, it no longer has to be this way

‘Mommy, have you found somebody to help my tummy feel better?’

NOBODY wants to hear these words from their child but many of the parents I work with hear statements just like this from their kids, or worse.

I have spent my 20+ year career listening to stories just like this.

These stories are why I spend all free time researching every new study, watching every specialist’s webinar and taking every expert training…in between family time of course. 

This was a mom’s heart wrenching story of her 10 year old, desperate for answers after waking up during another sleepless night of pain and suffering. They had seen every medical doctor, every specialist and had eventually done so much research that she herself had become a health coach.

After years of painful gas, bloating and constipation, enough was enough. Finally she managed to schedule an appointment with the city’s top specialist. She desperately needed to know what she actions she could take to help her son to finally enjoy his childhood free of pain and misery.

What she said next gave me goosebumps.

‘They said he’s not sick enough. Yet’

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You deserve more

than spending time away from loved ones because

someone isn’t ‘feeling well’ 

or ‘up to it’

or ‘themselves’

After years of Functional Medicine research and experience, I have uncovered how lifestyle change in combination with advanced medical testing and personalized protocols can address the root cause of illness. This natural approach continues to bring my patients the long lasting healing they have been searching for. 
Choose an alternative path before pursuing increasingly stronger medications and the draining, often hidden side effects of prescriptions medications or potentially risky surgeries.
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Dr. Bosnar has more passion for what she does than any health practitioner that I’ve ever met. She very engaging with patients, gently and adeptly getting to the heart of the issue by peeling back through the layers of symptoms to get to the true root of pain and discomfort. 

She’s a master at what she does, and her patients’ best interests are always paramount. She stays on top of the latest breakthroughs, investing her spare time in educating herself, and her community about health, mental, emotional and physical. My husband are both devotees of what Dr. Bosnar can do. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to gain control of their health, and is looking for someone who truly cares.

Love the atmosphere and I feel very well cared for.
Me and my son cannot wait to see Kristina again.

I didn’t even know people like that existed anymore! Dr Kristina is so knowledgeable and really cares for your well being. The best in the city.

I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Kristina and her staff. Dr Kristina is warm, welcoming, and a wealth of knowledge and can connect you to anyone based on your need if she can’t fix it herself! This is truly a wellness center, for all ages. The stories and testimonies are endless within my own family and friends that have seen Dr Kristina and/or her staff. 

Dr Kristina loves what she does, loves to see people well and whole, living life in optimal health and yet is so understanding to being a mom of three as she’s a mom of three. I leave her office encouraged and equipped towards living a healthier lifestyle and physically feeling much better than I walked in!


My name is Dr. Kristina Bosnar and I am a Chiropractic Doctor with Advanced Clinic Training from the Institute of Functional Medicine. You may also know me as ‘The Doctor Biohacking Supermom’. 
My passion and the true focus of my work has been perinatal and pediatric health for the last 20+ years. I am also a Supermom to 3 young kids.
It has come to my attention that the current standard for preventive care, basic lifestyle intervention and in depth healthy history needed to address chronic health symptoms are too often ignored by traditional medical care.
For instance, I used to wake up with low energy. Soon, I couldn’t focus at work. Finally, there were endlessly tough moments with my kids that kept me up at night. It truly felt like I was carrying around an extra 20 pounds in weight, stress, anxiety and responsibility. Because the truth is, I was.
Similar to how you may feel, I believed I was doing everything right. I was eating whole grains and vegetables, working out and ‘staying on top of everything’. However, my symptoms kept getting worse and worse.

Intuitively, I knew something was off.

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Being healthy is easy when we know where to focus our energy and effort, but it’s almost impossible if our time and effort is misguided.

Dr. Kristina Bosnar
Dr. Kristina Bosnar
Functional Medicine Expert


Ways to Work with Me

The Doctor Biohacking Supermom Sessions

Monthly LIVE Health Topic Discussion 

Dr. Kristina Bosnar, a.k.a. The Doctor Biohacking Supermom is Canada’s only Functional Medicine Doctor with Advanced Clinical Training in Paediatrics. Her extensive experience in paediatric and perinatal Chiropractic allows her to combine the expertise of development and neurological insights with the exciting new  functional medicine approach of diet and lifestyle based personalized care in these monthly LIVE sessions. Leave your crippling mom guilt behind and gain the support of a paediatric gut health expert to begin the process of healing your entire family, and yourself.  

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Chiropractic Care

Perinatal & Pediatric Care

Dr. Kristina is accutely aware of the alterations in biomechanics and nervous system function that may occur in the pre and postnatal body. There are many benefits of chiropractic care for both mother and child through the entire perinatal period. As a Mother of 3 (one c-section and two home VBAC), Kristina has experienced the challenges that face a new mom in the postpartum period. Dr. Bosnar’s collaborative experience includes working extensively with midwives and OB-GYN’s in the Toronto area for the last 20+ years. She is focused on supporting a woman physically and emotionally through the wonderful and unexpected challenges that occur from the prenatal to the postpartum period.

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‘Mythbusting Motherhood’ Guide

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The solutions you need to rise above outdated health misconceptions! Firstly, my mythbusting guide will help you to ditch the old-school supermom mentality. Secondly, it will give you the insight needed to get you and your family started on the  path to great health. Finally unlock the up to date research of a healthier approach to modern day motherhood and most importantly, enjoying your life. Download your FREE E-Guide now! 

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10 Days to Radical Health Change 

Free Biohacking Email Series

Do you feel like you have the knowledge to get healthier, you only need to start? This 10 Day Email Course is fun and easy. Move the entire family into those foundational healthy habits and begin making a commitment to your health. Get up to date research from a diet and lifestyle expert and understand why these’s actions can’t be missed! Reaping the rewards of Functional Medicine has never been easier because it starts with simple, every day strategies for long term health. START THE 10 DAY COURSE TODAY!

I accept the challenge!

The Bosnar Total Reset

A Medically Supervised Healing Diet & Lifestyle Protocol

After years of neurologically focused Chiropractic training in combination with the diet & lifestyle principles of Functional Medicine, I realized most of us are  in a perpetual state of chronic stress. Therefore when we are stressed, we are unable to heal! This healing lifestyle program is focused on reducing the stress response while nourishing and listening to the body. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Do you know you need to start healing, but haven’t made any long term commitment to a healing diet and lifestyle? START HERE!

The Bosnar Total Reset

The Essentials Functional Medicine Program

Lab Testing, Interpretation & Functional Medicine Protocols

A 6-8 month transformational health and personal optimization program that combines state of the art functional lab testing and custom protocols, to reveal the underlying root cause of dysfunction and identify previously unknown triggers. This program is designed to help you eliminate overwhelming symptoms of chronic illness. Finally uncover hidden causes of health problems, expose current and future roadblocks to long lasting vitality. Finally, this insight will provide you with a step-by-step personalized process to reclaim your life and own your future.⁣⁣⁣⁣ As a result, you will deep dive into your personal health and wellbeing. 

The Essentials Program


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you work with me?

Great question!

If you are someone who wants to invest in your health, definitely.

Do you know that you need in-depth, personal health support? I’ve got you.

Most likely, you have been seeking answers to your health questions for far too long. I will do everything in my power to answer them.

What makes me different from other practitioners?

I shouldn’t be. All practitioners should listen to their patients, deep dive into their health histories, do specific testing for diagnosis and customize their treatment to ensure they are getting the treatment and results that they are looking for. All patients deserve honesty, transparency, compassion and curiosity in their health practitioner.

What drives me is my passion to help families live happy, healthy and purposeful lives. I have a thirst for knowledge and I believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life. I will never stop reaching out to serve my community.

How many patients have you cured?

This is a word I rarely use. My approach is not based on cures for disease. It is is based on living an amazing life filled with vitality, love, fulfillment and joy. Above all, health goals differ patient to patient.

Many of my patients have previously suffered from life-long chronic conditions. Now, many of them THRIVE with life-long chronic conditions. I also serve high performance patients that have always led healthy, active lives and now want to reach their next-level potential.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of women becoming new moms. I have treated newborn babies, children with health concerns and parents who have forgotten that their own health matters.

I guarantee that I never take on a patient case that I am not fully confident that I can support (and yes, some people have been angered by this).

My plans include collaboration with any health professionals that are open to doing what we do best, which is help our patients.

Every patient that works with me knows that I am devoted to them the same way I am to the health of my own family and loved ones.  

I make recommendations based on your needs, what I know and what I research. Nothing is recommended that isn’t important for us to try.

Which of your patients see the most success?

Patients who:

  • Invest the time and effort in making daily habit changes.
  • Feel ready to deep dive and get to know themselves.
  • Are willing to take advice and apply it.
  • Openly communicate with their team throughout our program.
  • Understand that they will need more than one or two appointments to truly see transformational health change.
  • Want to approach their health goals from any and every perspective (environmental, relational, genetics, physical etc.)

In conclusion, if you feel that you already know what you need or only need testing, we recommend that you reach out to the testing lab directly for more support.