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My name is Dr. Kristina Bosnar and I have been working with parents and families to create health from the comfort of their own home for over 20 years. ⁣⁣
As a mom of 3 and a Pediatric health expert for over 20 years, my practice has always been based on Care, Compassion and Collaboration.
Functional Medicine is known for its’ wholistic approach to care and so am I.

I am here to support you at any moment, with every moment.

I am ready to invest in my health!
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There is so much information available online that is often based on current trends or outdated research. Working with thousands of people over the years, I’ve learned that “Healthy is Irresistible” for patients when they begin to see the results of their efforts!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
My e-guides, audio classes and programs are designed to help you and your loved ones unlock your own health and healing potential.

Being healthy is easy when we know where to focus our energy and effort, but it’s almost impossible if our time and effort is misguided.

Dr. Kristina Bosnar
Dr. Kristina Bosnar
Functional Medicine Expert


Should you work with me?

Great question!

If you are someone who wants to invest in your health, definitely.

If you are someone who knows that you need in-depth, personal health support, I’ve got you.

If you have been seeking answers to your health questions for far too long, I will do everything in my power to answer them.

What makes me different from other practitioners?

I shouldn’t be. All practitioners should listen to their patients, deep dive into their health histories, do specific testing for diagnosis and customize their treatment to ensure they are getting the treatment and results that they are looking for. All patients deserve honesty, transparency, compassion and curiosity in their health practitioner.

What drives me is my passion to help families live happy, healthy and purposeful lives. I have a thirst for knowledge, I believe that everyone has the potential to live their best life and I will never stop helping my community.

How many patients have you cured?

This is a word I rarely use. My approach is not based on cures for disease. My approach is based on living an amazing life filled with vitality, love, fulfillment and joy. Health goals differ patient to patient.

Many of my patients have previously suffered from life-long chronic conditions. Now, many of them THRIVE with life-long chronic conditions. Many of my patients have always led healthy, active lives and now want to reach their next-level potential.

I have helped thousands of women becoming new moms, newborn babies, children with health concerns and parents who have forgotten that their own health matters.

I guarantee that I never take on a patient case that I am not fully confident that I can support (and yes, some people have been angered by this).

I guarantee that I will collaborate with any health professional that is open to doing what we do best, which is help our patients.

I guarantee that every patient that works with me knows that I am devoted to them the same way I am to the health of my own family and loved ones.  

I guarantee that I make recommendations based on your needs, what I know and what I research. I don’t recommend anything that isn’t important for us to try.

Which of your patients see the most success?

Patients who invest the time and effort in making daily habit changes.

Patients who are ready to deep dive and get to know themselves.

Patients who are willing to take advice and apply it.

Patients that openly communicate with their team throughout our program.

Patients who understand that they will need more than one or two appointments to truly see transformational health change.

Patients who are ready to approach their health goals from any and every perspective (environmental, relational, genetics, physical etc.)

If you feel that you already know what you need or are only in need of testing, we are happy to recommend you to a practitioner that is the right fit for your needs.  

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