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Bosnar Health Practitioners
Sylvie Oliveira
Health Coach

Passions: Psych-K®, Cognitive Decline and Brain Health (Bredesen Protocol), Culinary Nutrition, Mindfulness & Meditation, Families & Children

Melody Nadeau
Postpartum Wellness Coach

Passions: Postpartum Support: Doula and Nurse, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda, Energy/Bodywork Therapy.

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What is Health Coaching

Health Coaching is another way that Bosnar Health differs from conventional clinics. The medical landscape is increasingly detailed and diverse, from genomics, the microbiome, medical devices, diagnostics and more, which make it more important now, than ever, to make personalized wellness a reality for the World.

While your Functional Medicine Practitioner collects a detailed history of your health and wellness story, their focus is on detailed testing, dogged research and deep diving into your medical needs. A Health Coach works independently or in collaboration with a Functional Medicine practitioner and is specifically trained in Functional Medicine protocols such as motivational interviewing, positive psychology, mind-body medicine, and character strengths.

Our Health Coaches will support their clients in making behavioural and lifestyle changes to achieve their health goals. Anything from improving nutrition (when was the last time your Doctor had the time to clean your pantry of unhealthy items?), to increasing energy levels, decreasing stress, losing weight and even offering the support to tame an autoimmune disease.

Why Health Coaching

You can’t pop a pill for a lifestyle change that will dramatically alter the course of your health journey. In reality, most people know what they need to do to be healthy, but they don’t take action. You may know that eating processed food is not healthy. That isn’t complicated medical science. However, there are a lot of factors that go into why you will still eat it.

As Canadians, we spend the majority of our health care dollars on the treatment of chronic diseases, rather than the root cause. These conditions result in deaths that could have been prevented, lifelong disabilities, decreased quality of life, and increasing health care costs.

Connecting with a Health Coach is a proactive approach to your long term health goals. They mentor, guide, inspire and motivate clients to make positive, healthy choices. Most importantly, they listen. The aim is a truly heart-centered approach to care for each and every client that is in need of support.


Postpartum Wellness Coaching

One on one consultations with our Postpartum Nurse and Holistic Nutritionist for clients needing postpartum support. This includes what to expect in the postpartum period, mother and baby care, breastfeeding, emotional, nutritional and supplemental support as well as referrals and resources.


You can use will power, determination and discipline to force yourself to take action temporarily, but then the brain can default back to protection mode. Mindset issues are your mind protecting the status quo. 

Psych-K® is a simple, yet powerful tool to change limiting subconscious beliefs, traumas and phobias in minutes. It is derived from contemporary neuroscience, ancient mind/body wisdom and psychology. It is an efficient and sacred method that provides psychological, social, emotional, behavioural and spiritual benefits.

In contrast, traditional tools such as affirmations, positive thinking, will power, self-help books, vision boards, therapy, journaling and visualizing are predominantly limited to the conscious mind. While these are helpful tools, they are limited in effectiveness when dealing with the subconscious. If the conscious mind processes were all the we needed to evoque change, we would already be doing and being all that we wanted.

The many benefits of Psych-K® are limited only by one’s determination to get to the root of a challenge. When your subconscious beliefs begin to support you instead of drag you down, this is incredibly powerful. 

You can expect to see many positive benefits to your life such as…

• Alleviation of stress, anxiety and other types of emotional distress

• Releasing post-traumatic stress 

• Overcoming fears and phobias

• Eliminating destructive habits (e.g. smoking, overeating, addictions)

• Increasing sense of well being and energy levels

• Actualizing the healing power of the mind

• Transforming self-doubt and self-sabotage into self-enhacing thoughts, emotions and behaviours

• Gaining peace regarding your experience of your own life

• Eliminating procrastination and start realizing your life goals

• Enhancing career opportunities

• Attracting fulfilling relationships

• Developing alignment with your thoughts, words and actions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a psych-k® session?

The session starts with a short discussion to determine what challenges you are currently facing in your life. The best and most appropraite process and balance is selected based on neuromuscular feedback (also known as muscle testing) from your subconscious mind and superconscious mind.

At the end of each session, we create an action plan that will accelerate your transformation so you can experience your desired changes.

What if I'm too embarrassed and I don't want to share what's going on with me?

One of the many benefits of Psych-K® is that we don’t have to discuss anything. Come prepared to answer the question “In my life, what do I want instead?”. Through the neuromuscular feedback (also knows as muscle testing) from your subconscious mind and superconscious mind, we will make certain it is in your highest and best interest. If it is, then we will proceed to selection of the most appropriate process and balance with commitment from your subconscious mind and permission from your superconscious mind.

Psych-K® sessions provide processes for changing your subconscious programming and self-limiting beliefs into beliefs/goals that are in alignment with your conscious mind. Therefore, creating a change in you, and as a result, creating different outcomes in your life.

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