The Supermom Myth:

Are you only a ‘Good Mom’ if you know how to do ‘EVERYTHING’ AND balance it all?

This mythbusting guide to health for moms and their families will help you to ditch the old-school supermom mentality and unlock the most up to date research of a healthier approach to modern day motherhood and enjoying your life.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to break through your own expectations of the traditional ‘Mommy Mindset’ 
  • How to connect and rely on your support system
  • The symptoms of sleep deprivation and what to do asap to avoid it
  • The link between balancing your hormones and detoxing
  • What to get more of and what to consume less of
  • Easy, natural ways to maximize metabolism and digestion

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Mythbusting Motherhood


There is still a pervasive misconception about what it means to become a Mom.

Too many of my moms come to me with complaints of little to no support from their loved ones and are constantly battling feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated and out of control. The pressure to provide the best for your family at all times is a lot for any parent to take, and even worse when the pressure doesn’t let up. As the self-professed Biohacking ‘Supermom’, I know the pressures of wanting to give to my family, my career, my friends and my community 100% of the time. Sometimes it feels impossible to fight back the urge to take it all on, all at once. The truth is that kind of life isn’t sustainable and it isn’t healthy for you, or the people around you. When most start to realize they need support, too many moms get stuck in a cycle of perpetual researching or half-hearted commitments to various strategies.
Typical comments my moms hear when reaching out for help include ‘there’s a pill for that’, ‘you’re just getting older’ or ‘I used to think drinking was bad for me…so I gave up thinking’ 😂.
In all seriousness, we deserve more from life than feeling lifeless, lethargic and unfocused. My guide offers simple, natural and free strategies to hacking the unrealistic expectations of motherhood using up to date health research.
I created this guide to help my moms take action! It is about decisive actions you can take immediately to impact your overall health. This quick read will give you the basic building blocks to life changing health impacts. The more actions you apply, the better outcomes you will achieve.
I have spent the last 20 years treating Moms and their families, guiding them through their parenting journey. I have spent the last 13 years supporting and loving my own family of 3 kids through various trials, hijinks and tribulations. Throughout all of my years of Chiropractic work, my Functional Medicine training and my advanced clinical training, I realize there are some important foundational similarities. This is a summary of the SIMPLE, VITAL and EFFECTIVE TOOLS that can literally transform the health and happiness of you and your family. Luckily, it is free for you to decide to make a change in your life and this guide will get you started.

Taking on motherhood is not about becoming superhuman.


It is about holding space to be yourself, happy and healthy.


What would it feel like for you to show up as the best support system you can be for yourself and for the people that you love?

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