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What is Homeopathy 

Homeopathy is a holistic, gentle, natural health science. It is based on various laws and phenomena observed in nature.

It was founded in 1796 by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. During his career as a medical doctor, he came to understand that every illness originates in the emotional, spiritual sphere. This eventually manifests itself through the signs and symptoms in the physical body.

With this knowledge, he founded a healing system “Homeopathy”. It is based on the principle of “like cures like”. Homeo means ‘similar’ and pathos means ‘suffering’.

He experimented on himself with various remedies available in nature. Then he extensively recorded the results. In these experiments, he learned that drug substances that gave rise to symptoms in the human body, cured those same symptoms when administered in super diluted potentized forms. This is the principle of “like cures like”. He put together a detailed database of Homeopathic principles, theories and practices.

Homeopathic remedial solutions are based on these experiments. This forms the basis of Homeopathic treatment principles. These principles are used extensively in our practice to provide the highest standard of Homeopathic treatment.

Why Homeopathy 

A Homeopath looks at the complete health picture of the person and prescribes remedies that can stimulate the body’s natural healing processes without resorting to toxic drug substances. One of the most powerful aspects of Homeopathy is that there are no side effects. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances. They are non-toxic. The dosages are small therefore,  the healing approach is gradual and gentle.

Homeopathy is non-invasive. No homeopathic remedy involves surgery procedures or invasive techniques. It is an excellent option for people of all ages, for pregnancy or even when dealing with long term symptoms such as chronic diseases etc.

Homeopathy is a custom, individualized form of treatment. A homeopathic practitioner evaluates the patient’s overall health and discusses their problems and expectations before prescribing treatment. All medicines and therapies are aimed at eliminating the root cause of dis-ease, not only providing temporary relief from symptoms.

All remedies are made specifically to the individual’s specific conditions. For example their dietary habits, allergies, stress management and other lifestyle factors. 

Frequency Asked Questions

1. What to expect during a Homeopathy appointment?

First, your Homeopathy will ask about your health history and perform a detailed intake. Based on a combination of your history and some physical examinations, your Homeopath will prepare a diagnosis in as well as determine a treatment plan depending on your individual health needs to address your particular condition(s).

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2. How many sessions will effective treatment require?

Your therapist will discuss an appropriate treatment plan that works for you. 

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