Are you experiencing symptoms that keep getting worse and worse?

Do your traditional test results always come back ‘within normal’ ranges?

Do you keep going from doctor to doctor looking for functional tests after being told ‘everything looks normal’… but the symptoms aren’t going away?

That’s normal for me to hear from my patients. It is vital to do these two functional tests when you are experiencing mysterious symptoms because they will change the trajectory of your life.

Traditional medicine tends to look at the symptoms then reacts to treat them. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. However, if you’re continuing to have symptoms and your bloodwork is within normal ranges, you hit a dead end. There’s nothing else you can do.

Firstly, traditional lab testing can actually give functional medicine practitioners a lot of information. Instead of looking at ‘normal ranges’, we look at ‘functional ranges’. These ranges are much smaller and start to give us indication as to the root cause. 

Secondly, in functional medicine we strive to look at the whole body as a system. Treatment depends on understanding what is at the root cause of those symptoms. When traditional lab work doesn’t show the root cause, functional medicine goes deeper. The focus of functional testing is to uncover the root cause of symptoms.

Most importantly, for anyone continuing to experience mysterious symptoms, these are the two functional tests I recommend that will change your life. 

The first functional test that will change your life is the GIMAP by diagnostic solutions lab.

It is my favourite comprehensive stool analysis. This test looks at so many different markers. It gives an underlying view of what is going on in the large intestine. Most testing traditionally looks for one or two things. A specific pathogen, maybe a parasite. The GI map has a load of information. It gives us information on parasites. It also gives us a good view into the overall micro flora and your microbiome.

What GI Map testing does that most testing doesn’t do, is look at intestinal health. The GI MAP can show how you’re detoxifying your estrogens and environmental toxins. It will also reveal if you have intestinal permeability or inflammation in your gut and even how your overall digestive tract is working.

Understanding these results can uncover the root cause(s) of those symptoms. These results aren’t being picked up on traditional testing, which is why it’s such a fantastic test.

The second functional test that will change your life is the Organic Acids Test by Great Plains Laboratory

This test has 70+ markers on it to help us uncover the root cause of your symptoms. It looks at fungal overgrowth and even nutritional markers. It can also give us an indication if you’re being exposed to mold toxins and/or environmental toxins. This testing will look at neurotransmitter metabolites, different bacterial overgrowth and uncover information about different nutrient and vitamin levels. The other exceptional thing it shows us is mitochondrial function, how your body’s making energy. This information is crucial for so many people that have chronic health conditions.

In our practice we use both the OAT test and the GI map to get a comprehensive overview of the small intestine and the large intestine. This really gives us an opportunity to look at a broader scale. Now we can make a plan that’s tailored directly to what’s actually going on inside of you.

If your lab testing looks normal and your symptoms keep getting . It’s time to do different lab testing, functional lab testing. 

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