The power of functional medicine is not only to help reduce symptoms. It is also for long term prevention and ultimate healing.

Functional Medicine is not only for the chronically ill or those with chronic mysterious symptoms.

The power of functional medicine can be harnessed for high achievers who  want improvement. Perhaps they want to achieve a personal best in their sport or optimal brain function to get that promotion at work. Maybe they want to be their very best self with their family and friends.

Today I’m going to share with you how to find the right Functional Medicine Practitioner. Are they practising the five foundational aspects of functional medicine?

The first powerful foundation of functional medicine is taking a thorough history.

Conventional medicine always does a thorough medical history. However, Functional Medicine takes it one step further. We look at environmental exposures, toxins. Stresses and traumas you’ve had in your life. Even genetics. Using all of this information, we look at how multiple factors caused the manifestation of your symptoms.

The second powerful foundation of functional medicine is functional testing.

Conventional medicine tests levels. For example hormone levels, iron, white and red blood cells or liver enzymes. Functional Medicine takes it a step further. We look at why those levels are off. Looking at our body’s ability to absorb, lack of stomach enzymes, imbalance in the microbiome, bacteria and even parasites. Any or all of those things could be the root cause.

The third powerful foundation of functional medicine is a personalized approach. 

The order and timing of this protocol is specific for you as an individual.

Some people are very sensitive to change and some people are not. Constant communication and feedback that we get from you will help us support you along the way.

I see many people with the same symptoms and different root causes and vice versa, the same root cause with different symptoms. That is why it’s so important to have a personalized approach. Supervision throughout all of your protocols is vital to make sure it’s working for you. 

The fourth powerful foundation of functional medicine is mindset mastery.

Change is hard. It’s not about willpower, let that guilt go. In order for behaviour change to happen, it needs to happen on a physiological level. The most powerful and effective way to change physiology is through a shift in mindset.

Changing our mindset changes our biochemistry and our physiology. That creates long lasting behaviour change. It is one way that functional medicine is so different, because long term behaviour change has a huge impact on our ultimate long term health.

The last and most powerful foundation of functional medicine is the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Feel seen. Feel heard. The true power of functional medicine is in its’ ability to inspire patients to be an active participant in their healing journey. If you’re seeing a specialist and are working with a holistic practitioner but still feel like there’s something in the middle missing, functional medicine is for you

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