Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?

If so, you’ve probably been told that there’s nothing that you can do.

Luckily, there are promising new therapies for Alzheimer’s that work and they’re free! Today I’m going to be sharing three of those with you.

Let’s talk about sleep therapy for Alzheimer’s.

Everybody knows that getting a good night’s sleep is important. For people with Alzheimer’s disease that have a buildup of beta amyloid plaques in the brain, it’s even more important.

Sleep deprivation increases the body’s production of these toxic plaques. This impairs brain function.

The most common place for these toxic plaques to form are in the areas of the brain that help with sleep cycles. Therefore, it becomes a vicious cycle. There is a buildup of plaques from sleep deprivation, those plaques in turn affect quality of sleep, and hence goes the vicious cycle.

The other way that sleep deprivation increases this toxic buildup is because we detoxify when we sleep. The brain shrinks 20% to 30%, while you’re sleeping. As it shrinks, it cleans itself out with the glymphatic system. This system is the garbagemen of the brain. They come and clear out all the beta amyloid plaque, dead cells and pollution.

When you’re not getting good quality sleep, you’re missing this crucial step in brain health.

My top three suggestions for improving sleep are:

  1. To get off screens two hours before you go to bed.
  2. Make yourself a cup of common tea like chamomile or nettle.
  3. Make sure to get yourself to sleep by 10 o’clock
What you eat matters

You’ve probably been told that diet won’t impact your diagnosis, but food is medicine. Nourishing your brain is one of the most promising therapies for Alzheimer’s.

In Alzheimer’s disease, we see a buildup of toxic plaques and tangles in the brain. The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry completed a study that showed that the Mediterranean diet is one of the top lifestyle factors to prevent the buildup of these toxic plaques. The Mediterranean diet consists of foods, such as fatty fish, olives, olive oils, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you haven’t made any dietary changes, start with the Mediterranean diet.

One of the most promising therapies for Alzheimer’s is exercise.

Exercise has brain protective effects. In Alzheimer’s disease, we see the buildup of amyloid plaques and tangles in the brain. A UCLA study recently showed that a moderate amount of regular exercise helps to decrease the formation of these plaques.

This study consisted mostly of aerobic exercise such as walking, running and biking. New research that shows that HIIT training and short bursts of high intensity training can also have brain protective effects and help with brain growth. However, the bottom line is moving more and getting more exercise is going to help protect you from the deterioration of disease.

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