Have you been suffering from chronic mysterious symptoms? Then you should also be wondering if unresolved H. Pylori is sucking the life out of you.

Have you already completed a conventional H. Pylori test like the antibody test or breath test? 

Unfortunately, the antibody test doesn’t distinguish between current and past H. Pylori infections. There is no way to determine whether you currently have an infection, or if you had one previously. 

An H. Pylori test is often only found to be positive in very severe cases when using the breath test. You could miss a slow underlying infection that when left untreated will grow to be worse and worse. That is why conventional H. Pylori testing is somewhat inaccurate. These conventional test results could be the reason why your chronic symptoms continue and this is true for many of my functional medicine patients. 

If you are suffering with mysterious symptoms it is time to determine if the root cause of these symptoms is H. Pylori. Many patients come to be with unresolved H. Pylori that they don’t even know they have. 

This is why I got into functional medicine. I was one of those asymptomatic people with a severe H. Pylori infection. I didn’t have symptoms so I didn’t go looking for anything. When I did functional medicine testing, I uncovered that not only did I have an overgrowth of H. Pylori, but I had numerous different species of H. Pylori and virulence factors. These same virulence factors are are linked to stomach cancer. Both my grandfather’s died prematurely at the age of 50 of stomach cancer. This was really significant for me. 

The first way that H. Pylori is sucking the life out of you is that awful heartburn. 

Heartburn can interfere with your everyday life so profoundly. It makes you not want to eat. You have heartburn when you eat, you have heartburn when you don’t eat. Many times, this will keep you up at night for hours. Not only is the pain uncomfortable, but it’s also creating more issues. If you’re taking antacids and you still have heartburn, you may consider that you have an H. Pylori overgrowth. The worst part is that if you’re decreasing your stomach acid, it may give your H. Pylori even more beneficial environment to expand and grow.

The second way that H. Pylori is sucking the life out of you is through nutrient depletion.

H. Pylori’s main mechanism of action is to decrease your stomach acid. Stomach acid is required for so many things. The second most important thing that stomach acid does is it turn on the enzymes to help you digest proteins, fats and starches. This means you may be eating a really nutrient dense diet and still seeing low iron etc. on your blood work. The number one nutrient deficiency I see in my practice is a patient who eats iron rich foods and still has low iron. Yes, this is another sign that hidden H. Pylori is sucking the life out of you. There may be an untreated underlying H. Pylori infection that’s decreasing your stomach acid and not allowing you to properly absorb iron from your food. 

The third way H. Pylori is sucking the life out of you is by triggering an autoimmune condition.

As mentioned earlier, H. Pylori suppresses stomach acid production. That prevents large particles of food from being broken down into smaller particles that are absorbable. These large particles can look like dangerous strangers to your immune system. In people genetically predisposed for autoimmunity, those dangerous strangers can trigger the immune system to think they’re being attacked. This could be one of the triggers of autoimmunity! When an H. Pylori infection goes untreated and it’s the trigger of your autoimmune condition, you may find yourself in a cycle of worsening symptoms.

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