Are you or someone you love  struggling with anxiety?

Have you tried different counselling or a combination of different medications to get on top of the anxiety?

It’s important for you to know there is a connection between gluten and anxiety. Gluten could actually be the root cause of your anxiety, even when you’re not celiac.

The first connection between gluten and anxiety comes from understanding the gut brain connection.

Firstly, many studies have shown that our gut and our brain are connected. There’s actually a third nervous system called the enteric nervous system that shows the direct link between what’s going on in our gut and the brain.

This means if there’s inflammation in your gut, it’s going to create brain inflammation. Research studies have shown that patients who have anxiety may also have gastrointestinal complaints. When our gut is out of balance, it can create anxiety.

The research done by Dr. Alessio Fasano, a pediatric gastroenterologist, has shown that gluten increases intestinal permeability and creates inflammation in all humans. Some people have the ability to heal the inflammation quicker than others.
Consuming gluten creates inflammation in the gut. This inflammation causes dysregulation in brain chemicals.

Brain chemicals like GABA are used to manage and regulate anxiety. When you have inflammation in your gut, your ability to make GABA decreases and your anxiety gets worse and worse, no matter what you do.

The second connection between gluten and anxiety are nutritional deficiencies.

When you consume gluten containing food, you create inflammation in your gut and you also create intestinal permeability. Unfortunately, the gut is where you absorb all your vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, when we have inflammation and intestinal permeabilities, we could also have nutrient deficiencies. In order for our brain chemicals that regulate our mood and anxiety to be made, we need certain vitamins and minerals. Gut inflammation means we can’t absorb enough of the proper nutrients because we can’t absorb them through our gut.

When we have less ability to make those neurochemicals, our anxiety again gets worse and worse. Most people are shocked to find out that when you’re eating a whole foods diet and supplementing but also eating gluten, it could be causing nutrient deficiencies. The inflammation and intestinal permeability caused by gluten could be making it difficult for you to actually absorb the nutrients you need.

The third connection between gluten and anxiety is your diagnosis.

Celiac disease is known to be linked to anxiety and depression. However gluten could be the root cause of your anxiety, even if you test negative for celiac disease.

Research estimates that approximately 18 million Americans have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, a number that’s six times higher than celiac disease.

The only way to know if you have non celiac gluten sensitivity is to cut out gluten, for four weeks. If your anxiety changes, then you know that gluten is the root cause of your anxiety.

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