Is someone in your family struggling with tummy troubles? Have you noticed these symptoms often appear right after meal time? These symptoms include painful gas or bloating, digestive discomfort, constipation, even heart burn. Most of my patients spend years attempting to biohack tummy trouble, by reacting to their symptoms.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of reactionary measures, we can prevent these symptoms before they happen. How? By following the 3 C’s you need to biohack tummy trouble.

The first C: Choose

Choosing the right food is an important proactive step to avoid tummy trouble.

This means eating whole, one ingredient foods.

Avoiding packaged food, foods filled with preservatives, high sugar foods or chemical filled foods are not the right choice for tummy troubles. Eating foods your body recognizes and understands helps your body to identify what foods you are eating. This allows your body to send out the right digestive enzymes to break down your food.

The second C: Chew

The only place you are able to chew your food, is in your mouth! You don’t have teeth anywhere else in your digestive tract. Chewing is a vital first step for digestion!

If you miss that step and you have a big chunk of food coming down into your stomach, your body can’t break it down. It also hasn’t been broken down enough for your body to recognize it. This can set off the digestive systems alarm bells. Often this will cause the body to have a reaction to foods that are normally well tolerated.

I recommend taking at least 10 chews or waiting until the food is pureed in your mouth before swallowing.

Another helpful trick is to put your fork down between bites. It takes a lot longer to eat but you will avoid the tummy troubles that are occurring because of large chunks of undigested food.

The third C: Chill

When your body is in a stressed out state it feels like it is running away from a lion or a tiger. You can not digest in this state. The nerve impulses and blood flow to your digestive organs don’t turn on. Trying to eat while looking at emails or trying to feed your kids at the same time, this puts your body into a state of stress. In this state, digestion isn’t optimized and digestive enzymes aren’t working.

Did you ever notice when you’re rushing your feel like you have no saliva and your mouth is dry? It’s because your body doesn’t think it is time for digesting.

Next time, take a few deep breaths before you sit down to eat. Look at the food you are about to consume. It is said that 30% of digestion starts in your brain. When you see and smell your food, it stimulates digestive organs like the salivary glands. This happens in the parasympathetic part of the nervous system. When you stimulate that part of the nervous system, all your digestive organs are working. This also means your bowel movements will be working better because you have taken the time to relax and stimulate the right part of your nervous system.  

These are the tools I use with all of my patients who are experiencing various levels of tummy trouble. These are the 3c’s you need to biohack tummy trouble and proactively avoid these stressful symptoms! 

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