Are you struggling with toxic load? It is possible that you aren’t following the proper steps to biotoxin detoxification!

Many of my patients are certain they haven’t had any exposure to mold. Or they have had it removed and are still struggling with symptoms.

No, it’s not just you! I am seeing more and more patients in my practice JUST LIKE THIS. Mold exposure is becoming one of the most common triggers of autoimmunity that I uncover in my practice. However, mold mycotoxins are actually only one of the MANY biotoxins that can create mold illness.

Today let’s focus on why you are still struggling with mold exposure.
Are you addressing your TOXIC LOAD and following the 3 vital steps to biotoxin detoxification?

Unfortunately, mold itself isn’t always the root cause of biotoxin illness. Even addressing the root cause alone does not always solve the problem. For some, the toxic burden remains.

Firstly, most conventional practitioners are not looking for biotoxin illness in the first place. If visible mold isn’t uncovered as the root cause, other causes of biotoxin illness may not even be considered at all! Why? Because biotoxin illness symptoms mirror many other conditions. The symptoms may even manifest differently due to different genetics. Biotoxin illness is only uncovered when you are testing for it. 

Secondly, there is often one more completely overlooked contributor that has  everything to do with releasing the toxic load. That is the functioning of your detoxification system!

Functional medicine considers the detoxification pathways that are specific to each individual. When the hormones that regulate inflammation are continually disrupted, it can prevent you from getting better. Sometimes, the toxic onslaught is too much causing you to get stuck in what is basically a re-toxifying cycle. The inflammation is continuously present and cannot subside. This toxic burden may already be a lot for your system to handle and you may even be more susceptible genetically. This means that you may also no longer have an inflammatory response that’s effective. You may have skin rashes, food intolerances, anger, headaches, digestive issues, and more.

The best way to uncover this information is to complete Functional Medicine testing. However ,the testing is useless without the next 3 vital steps and THAT is proper biotoxin detoxification.

Biotoxin illness is very complex and should always be done under the care of an expert. Your practitioner should be talking to you about ways to safely and properly detoxify, in combination with proper binding protocols. 

Here are my 3 Vital Steps to Biotoxin Detoxification:

  1. PROBIOTICS: Beneficial gut bacteria can bind mycotoxins and prevent them from being absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. You can increase your intake of specific probiotic species to help prevent that. I highly recommend lacto and bifido factor.
  2. BILE FLOW: Support bile flow with bitter plant foods. To be removed from your body, toxins or mycotoxins need to be conjugated. This means they need to be bound to certain molecules to make them more water soluble to be excreted. So if you have insufficient bile flow, you will not be able to eliminate mycotoxins very well. A reason why one person in a family may not be suffering from mycotoxin illness and others may. It could be solely based on the ability for proper bowel flow! One of the most efficient ways to enhance bile flow is to eat bitter foods. Foodss like broccoli, plants, sprouts, radishes, dandelions, and arugula or broccoli sprouts. You can also drink organic dandelion tea or you can take an herbal bitter supplement before eating.
  3. SWEAT: Sweating hard, like when using an infrared sauna, for detox is really important. You also want to make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water, and perhaps some fiber as well to bind it. If you do find that you don’t feel well after sweating, it could be because your body is releasing toxins. At that point you want to work with a specialist to uncover the root cause, eliminate the exposure and get yourself better.

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