Are you desperate to uncover the cause of constipation, brain fog and hair loss? Well, thyroid dysfunction could be the cause of those symptoms and you don’t even know it! Luckily, there are effective ways to approach thyroid healing. 

I see a lot of patients suffering from thyroid concerns in my practice. Similarly, I am also seeing those same concerns in younger patients than ever before. However, health care practitioners often dismiss thyroid dysfunction. In fact, test results may come back within ‘normal range’ after completing conventional thyroid testing.

Test – Don’t Guess

Above all, testing is the only way to rule out thyroid dysfunction. Unfortunately, traditional testing is insufficient for potential diagnosis and treatment. 

Firstly, traditional tests may not reveal thyroid dysfunction. When conventional blood marker test results (TSH and T4) are within normal range thyroid dysfunction is often dismissed.

When test results are abnormal, conventional care doesn’t treat the root cause of abnormal results. All thyroid dysfunction is treated the same way regardless of the root cause.

Functional Medicine does specific testing to recognize the root cause of thyroid dysfunction. Addressing the root cause of thyroid dysfunction is vital for long term healing.

Functional Medicine testing looks at the T4 conversion to T3 or Reverse T3.  This includes antibody testing, specifically Anti-TPO and Anti TG. This testing determines either slow functioning thyroid or autoimmune thyroiditis. Long term healing is dependant on a different approach to the standard of care for each root cause. 

Autoimmune Thyroiditis: Where to start healing

My top tip for patients who are suffering from autoimmune thyroiditis is to stop eating gluten. Removing gluten from your diet is the most effective effort you can make in your thyroid healing journey.

Gluten affects thyroid health because of molecular mimicry. Our thyroid cells have a similar molecular structure to a protein in Gluten, also known as Gliadin. When the immune system gets revved up, molecular mimicry can cause it to attack any cell that appears like it doesn’t belong. Unfortunately, this often means an attack on our own thyroid cells. 

Removing gluten gives your immune system a chance to calm down. This action is a great way to begin thyroid symptom management.

Slow Functioning Thyroid: Where to start healing

Nourish your body and thyroid! Your body needs specific minerals to support the conversion from T4 to T3. There are foods you can easily add to your diet to support this process. Selenium and zinc are incredible for thyroid health.

Include more selenium rich foods like brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.

Include more zinc containing foods like red meats, oysters or pumpkin seeds.

Thyroid Healing & Supplements

There are tons of great targeted thyroid supplement formulas. These supplements include the specific minerals and nourishment your thyroid needs.

I always say, you can’t out supplement a bad diet. However, short term targeted supplementation is an excellent support. Supplements, in combination with long term diet change, is great way to begin your thyroid healing journey!

Next Steps

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