Did you know that uncovering the triggers for autoimmune disease is absolutely vital for long term healing?

Luckily, having the genetics for autoimmunity doesn’t guarantee an autoimmune condition. The specific genes for autoimmunity have to be triggered by the environment. 

That is why uncovering an autoimmune trigger(s) is the first step to remission!

Health practitioners should consider all possible autoimmune triggers. However, when the trigger isn’t addressed, it can prevent healing. Unfortunately, many practitioner’s don’t consider the trigger(s) of autoimmunity. Patients in this situation are familiar with a ‘cycle’ of their symptoms. If the trigger of  symptoms is never addressed, how can the body heal?

Firstly, it is important to know that the genetics for autoimmune disease are expressed differently. Even within families. This also applies to autoimmune triggers. 

That is why it is so important to uncover the trigger(s) of an autoimmune condition!

Are you or a loved one often making the same health complaints over and over?

Once the trigger of these symptoms is uncovered, it can be removed. Finally, this allows the body to heal.

The common autoimmune triggers that most practitioners aren’t looking for:

Let’s start with mold. I see a lot of mold or biotoxin illness. Mold is one of the most overlooked triggers of autoimmunity. It is also the most common autoimmune triggers I come across.

Mold is the most difficult trigger to determine, since not all mold is visible. 

To determine if mold is a possible trigger, try a visual contrast sensitivity test. This is an easy way to take that first step to remediation. Complete a test online at https://www.vcstest.com/

Gut Pathogens are another trigger overlooked by most practitioners. Gut healing is vital in any protocol, but gut pathogens are different. Both are imperative for healing, but they are two different things.

There are gut pathogens that are specifically linked in the literature to autoimmunity. When bacteria and parasites (for example H.Pylori) are present, it is important to remove these pathogens. This must be done along with gut healing. 

Functional Medicine testing uncovers specific overgrowth, bacteria, parasites etc. We can now remove those triggers. Although autoimmune symptoms may appear similar, the root cause may be completely different. Without testing, patients risk being treated solely based on practitioner experience. Treatment must be prescribed based on personalized need, not on the experience of a practitioner.

The last trigger that I find is acknowledged, yet overlooked, is chronic stress. We all have stress in our lives, but it is hard to manage. Ignoring or dismissing stress as being insignificant makes rational sense. However, the body cannot ignore or dismiss stress. Physiologically, stress could easily be triggering autoimmune symptoms. Learning to acknowledge chronic stress and giving the body physical actions to manage stress  has huge health implications. 

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